Peak Season

Done With the Holidays? Think again. Think Peak Season.

It’s after the New Year, and the unrelenting challenges of 2016’s peak eCommerce season seem behind us. Or, are they? It could be a costly mistake if you misjudge the full cycle of peak season. This is not the time to prop your feet up and hit the snooze button for a few months, my […

How smart is your robot?

I recently had a chance to spend two days “playing with the robots” at one of our client’s warehouses. It was fascinating. Outwardly, I wanted to better understand what all the noise was about. Do they really work in a distribution setting? The jury is still out, but I am optimistic this is not another massively […

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

  We’re working on a few things… presentations, papers, and blog posts. Many of us are traveling for business and a few trips are even for pleasure this summer. We hope you are making plans to relax, have fun and spend time with friends and family, too. Safety Awareness! Occasionally, we check out the ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

So, by now you’ve heard about this news… Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co have merged to create a leading international consulting firm. Read about it here in a press release that came out last week. You’ll also note a few slight changes have been made on our site to reflect an office in Paris. ...

Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co are merging to create a leading international consulting firm that specializes in operations transformation.

Crimson & Co, a global management consultancy that specializes in the supply chain, and Argon Consulting, an independent consulting firm and the leader in operations transformation in France, are delighted to announce that they are merging. The company will bring together the extensive expertise of Argon Consulting ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

So, we’re back from Ops Summit and MODEX 2018 and moving through spring into summer planning and executing projects for our clients. We are also on our normal schedule of recaps and we are working on marketing efforts for the last part of the year. In other words, we’re busy. We’re getting back to ...

Crimson & Co MODEX Recap

    We are back at work after being at MODEX 2018 for several days! We met some great prospects and were able to connect with several clients. It takes a great deal of effort to prepare and attend MODEX from the companies exhibiting and the attendees and for us at Crimson & Co it’s no […

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Not so much an industry recap as much as a Crimson & Co North America recap! It was an exciting week and we are looking forward to another one! We just finished up a quick show in Columbus at the Ops Summit. Partner Steve Mulaik presented at two sessions, one, a Breakfast Roundtable: WMS, WCS, WES: […

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

What is spring break for many is conference ready time for others. If you’re on break, we hope it’s a relaxing and safe one. We will be at Operations Summit 2018 in Columbus, Ohio starting on Monday and MODEX 2018 here in Atlanta. We hope to meet you if you will be attending either of these shows. Feel […

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

It’s Friday in (cool) warm Atlanta! Is it Spring? We’re not sure, but we’re happy to be moving into our trade show spring season for Operations Summit 2018 in Columbus, Ohio and MODEX 2018 here in Atlanta. We hope to meet you if you will be attending either of these shows. Feel free to reach out […

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Jennifer Smith at the Wall Street Journal reports that Dockworkers to Resume Contract Talks with East, Gulf Coast Ports. Contract negotiation talks stalled in December and begun again, with a September 2018 deadline. Ms. Smith wrote, “The talks are being rekindled after pressure from shippers and businesses whose ...


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