Supply Chain and Logistics Recap

Did you get the through the storms okay? We’re based in Atlanta and we had some scattered disruptions in the city and many counties in Georgia closed schools any number of days. Schools closed because the power was out from one to about four days and trees blocked major roads. ...

The Progress Group becomes Crimson & Co North America

Crimson & Co, the global management consultancy, is delighted to announce that its partner in the US, The Progress Group (TPG), has today become Crimson & Co North America. This allows the company to extend its services to its US-based clients, working with them to transform ...

United Airlines failure was not a technical issue, it was the prioritising of policy over values

The CEO of United Airlines admittance that the removal of a passenger was a ‘mistake of epic proportions’ should act as the catalyst for a major business transformation exercise across the brand. Doing so would help address deep-rooted issues, which clearly prioritise ...

Big data, a big decision

Niels Van Hove, Principal Consultant at Crimson & Co ANZ, discusses Big data in Foresight Magazine. Every so many years, a new supply chain terminology takes the front page and dominates the conversation in magazines and conferences. In the last decade or two we’ve seen JIT (Just ...

How to shape a company culture with S&OP

PREVIEW In a 2010 Foresight article, S&OP Editor John Mello argued that successful execution of S&OP is inevitably linked to corporate culture. A culture based on silo mentality and lack of trust not only undermines S&OP effectiveness but also reduces employee engagement ...

The Progress Group (TPG) India becomes Crimson & Co India

We are delighted to announce that our partner, TPG India, is now fully integrated into the business. This allows Crimson & Co to provide comprehensive supply chain consultancy in the region with the right skills and cultural fit. In 2014 Crimson & Co started its global ...

Manufacturing Supply Chain Awards

We are pleased to announce that Crimson Co Mumbai recently won an award at the prestigious 6th Manufacturing Supply Chain Awards ..

Business leaders must maximise the chance of success when engaging in business transformation projects

Transformation is a word frequently used in business. Companies need to transform to improve performance and develop sustained competitive advantage. To do this effectively, external consultants are often used to make the desired transition happen

Businesses must prepare for a world Trumped for trade

President Donald Trump’s protectionist rhetoric at his Presidential inauguration and his subsequent withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) herald a period where the progress of free trade could well grind to a halt. Businesses with extensive supply chains should therefore ...

The need to systemise critical business processes could mean the end of the spreadsheet

The need to systemise critical business processes could mean the end of the spreadsheet..


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