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Supply Chain and Logistics Recap

Could it already be late 2017? Yes. We’re working on 2018 marketing efforts and they include conferences, both as attendees and as corporate booth participants. We’re working on

  • We’ve managed to go a few weeks without an Amazon update but we can’t ignore that Amazon is testing expansion to their delivery service. It’s “Seller Flex” service is going to allow managing package delivery to customers who purchase through the company. TechCrunch reports, “…and while it doesn’t mean Amazon would drop UPS and FedEx for actually completing the deliveries, it does take those decisions out of the hands of merchants and put control over how and by whom packages get delivered into Amazon’s control instead.”
  • Supply Chain Management Supply posted this week that the National Retail Federation reports that this holiday retail season will be up in sales. That’s good news for everyone. We’re already looking ahead to Holiday 2018 (and 2019, for that matter) with some clients. You can never plan too early to get your organization ready to be more efficient, right?
  • We are continually keeping tabs on new vehicle and delivery options and a driverless train is among them. In a story coming out of Perth, Australia. “Autopilot” has been used for years, but driverless? And what about for consumer travel and not merchandise? It’s all being tested (and dreamed up) for 2018 and beyond.

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Published in October 2017



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